Course and Syllabus

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F.Y. B.COM. Course and Syllabus


1.Preparing students with a strong foundation in Commerce, which is a great asset in qualifying for any specialized postgraduate course.
2.To provide adequate basic understanding about the trade, commerce, industry and other related services among the students.
3.Providing adequate basic understanding about Financial Accounting and Auditing & Marketing concepts to the students and giving them adequate exposure to the operational environment.
4.Creating an understanding of Business Economics and issues related to the Indian Economy.
5.Inculcating interactive training, and practical approach in students through tutorials, group discussions, projects, and using modern technology in teaching the students.
6.To prepare students to exploit opportunities being newly created in the field of commerce due to Globalization, Privatization and Liberalization.

FY B.COM Syllabus

F.Y. B.COM. List
Coures Name University Circular Date Download PDF
F.Y.B.Com-Business-Economics University of Mumbai 2016-17 Download
F.-Y.-B.Com University of Mumbai 2016-17 Download
F.Y.B.Com-Mathematics-Statistics University of Mumbai 2016-17 Download
F.-Y.-B.Com-Sem-I-II University of Mumbai 2016-17 Download
University of Mumbai 2018-19 Download