Message of the Chairman of Higher Education

Bombay Bunts Association (BBA)

Adv. Rathnakar V. Shetty

Chairman of Higher Education

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being”.- Geothe

"Life without ambition is like a Ship without a rudder". Ambition gives a definite direction to life. It also provides the necessary motivation and determination. We find in history many great men who had achieved great successes in their life and rose to great heights because of their ambition. Shivaji and Napoleon were such great personalities. Ambition should not be so high that we cannot achieve it, neither it should be so low that it requires no efforts to realize it. Ambition should be determined keeping in mind one's capacity and readiness to make efforts and if necessary, sacrifice. It should be attainable and worth of attainment.

The physical development of the students is secured through physical exercises, sports and games. It is important that the body should be developed, because the ancients believed that a healthy mind can only exist in a healthy body. If the body is weak, the mind cannot function at its maximum efficiency. So also mental development of students is also equally important in the life of the students which is secured through the different courses of study prescribed by the University of Mumbai.

The moral development of the students lies in the character formation of the student. The important traits of a person’s character are honesty, integrity, respect for truth and justice, a sense of discipline, due regard for law and order. All these qualities should be inculcated in the mind of young students.

Education, in the truest sense, should co-ordinate the development of three faculties such as physical, mental and moral.

Education has also a fourth dimension, that is social dimension. It must train the student for citizenship, art of co-operating with others, the art of living in society. It must place before him the ideal of “service before self”. In this way, the education cannot help to create the ideal citizen for the society.

It has been said that education should make a person fit not only for a living, but for life itself. It should help one to earn his livelihood, but it should also help one to develop a balanced personality, which is the secret of success in life.

The desire to promote higher education was in the mind of the Bombay Bunts Association for a decade and it was with the untiring fforts of the Office Bearers of the Higher Education Committee, Bombay Bunts Association, well wishers and valuable support of Past Presidents that saw the light of the day. We were fortunate in having spontaneous and generous donations for the college from well wishersand philanthropists of our Society. Though established recently, it was our maiden venture in the area of education, but our aim is to achieve excellence at all costs. I am confident that our country is going to observe sustainable development and growth of economy in the years to come. Keeping this in mind, our emphasis is on commerce education. We are confident that the institute would take care to develop the overall personality of the students, so as to equip them with modern and sensitive outlook to face the challenges of the volatile and competitive world.

I am sure that the students studying in this Institute will acquire abundant knowledge and become responsible citizens of the nation. This is what we intend to practice and follow in the days ahead. Quality has no substitute and therefore the entire faculty is dedicated & devoted to develop qualitative and successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Wishing best luck to the students in their future endeavours.

I also extend my gratefulness to all the Past Presidents, Trustees, and Managing Committee members for their unflinching support and encouragement for the development of our educational institutes.

I am indebted to my co-office bearers, namely, Adv. Ashok D. Shetty, Mr. Shridhar K. Shetty, CA Vishwanath Shetty and Mr. Vinod Alva for their support extended to me in discharging my duties as a Chairman.

I also thank Dr. Rashmis Chitlange, Principal of Bunts Institute for Higher Education and Dr. S.S. Bhandari of Bunts College of Higher Education and their teaching & non-teaching staff for their co-operation in the development of colleges.

“ A talkative man speaks from his mouth, the eloquent man speaks from his heart”.-Joseph Jopubert.