Principal's Message

Bombay Bunts Association (BBA)

Dr. Rashmi D. Chitlange


BBA's Bunts Institute for Higher Education under the aegis esteemed organization of Bombay Bunts Association aims at providing quality education to the society in order to enable them to access the power of the information age and equip themselves with life and vocational skills leading to the better existence.

Our college is an institution where higher education is the means whereby students not only equip themselves with the knowledge to cope up with the tasks that are in store for them but also develop other aspects of their personality to sustain themselves in life. The atmosphere at our college is full of zeal and ambitions. We are marching towards the height of excellence in the process of imbibing Education among virulent minds. We have skillfully formulated long-term as well as short-term plans for academic, co-curricular activities for the all-round development of students.

Our college is located in Navi Mumbai which is known as a satellite city. The location of our college is easily accessible by road as well as by railways for the students. Our college is affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

Our Endeavour is to equip our students with both technical knowledge and skills, at the same time having their management talent, so that they contribute to the industry while achieving excellence as professionals. They then go on to become successful entrepreneurs in varied industries.

I am sure that the students studying in this Institute will be full of knowledge and at the same time will become a responsible citizen of the nation.

In an era of competition, success can only be achieved if one makes the right kind of endeavor at the right time and in the right direction. 'Success will never lower its standards to accommodate us we have to raise our standard to achieve it.'

Wish you all the best and hope that your stay on the campus will be most comfortable.